Buying an IG

We are often contacted by people who are looking to buy an Italian Greyhound Puppy. The Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity does not sell Italian Greyhounds.

If you are looking to buy an Italian Greyhound, please do not buy a puppy or older Italian Greyhound that is advertised for sale on the internet. It is extremely rare for a responsible Italian Greyhound breeder to advertise any puppies they may have for sale on a website.

We are re-homing an increasing number of Italian Greyhounds every year that have been bred by ‘home breeders’ and puppy farmers who are breeding litters of puppies purely for money.  Our key concern is that these breeders are selling Italian Greyhounds into homes that are not suited or able to provide adequate care for this delightful breed, and that an increasing number of Italian Greyhounds that we are re-homing suffer from significant health and temperament issues that are a result of poor breeding practices and a lack of care in the dog’s formative months.

A breeder may sound very credible – much loved pet Italian Greyhounds, mum and dad both available at home to view, puppy pack and one month’s insurance comes with the puppy, etc. They may even bamboozle you with stories about fantastic show successes and five generation pedigrees.  But if they are advertising online the likelihood is that they are not a responsible breeder. We know of many instances where ‘home breeders’ are breeding their bitches season after season. Not only is this an abuse of the breeding bitch but the health implications for the puppies are very serious. A puppy born out of a bitch that has been bred extensively is likely to suffer from a whole host of health problems. Please do not support these despicable practices by handing your money over to them.

The search for an Italian Greyhound puppy can take some time – responsible breeders breed very rarely and so you will need to be prepared to wait for a puppy to become available but at least you have confidence that your puppy was bred responsibly and cared for appropriately in its early weeks.

**Useful links**

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