Long-Term Adoption

In the majority of cases where an Italian Greyhound is passed into our care it is usually because of a significant change in the owner’s circumstances. This could be ill health, a breakdown in a relationship, a new baby or elderly relative joining the household and requiring full-time care, taking up full time work, moving into accommodation where pets are not permitted, moving abroad, etc.

We are also providing support to an increasing number of young Italian Greyhounds that have been sold to owners who did not fully understand what they were getting into when they bought an Italian Greyhound. There is a good reason why Italian Greyhounds are sometimes described as “Whippets on Speed”.

In these situations the owner has usually had to make a very difficult but responsible decision in the best interests of their much loved pet and we are here to support those owners through what is often a very difficult time.

Sadly we do handle cases where an Italian Greyhound is coming into our care as a result of neglect or abuse.  Following any necessary veterinary treatment a team of specialist volunteers are well placed to care for these dogs to nurse them back to good health – physical and psychological.

Whatever the reason for an owner making the decision to place their Italian Greyhound with us, our primary concern is the welfare of that dog.

The Adoption Process

Every Italian Greyhound that is placed with us for long-term adoption is vet checked, neutered and micro chipped and assessed by one of our experienced rescue team who will assess  the Italian Greyhound’s temperament.  The majority of owners placing their pet into our care assist us by providing as as much information as possible about the dog which helps us to find the most suitable adoptive home for the Italian Greyhound.

Once the Italian Greyhound has been assessed and we have a clear understanding of the needs of the individual dog we will then start to search for the most suitable adoptive home using our database of potential homes. We shortlist potential homes that we think are suitable for the individual dog in question as one home that is perfect for one Italian Greyhound may be completely unsuitable for another. When we have short-listed potential homes we conduct a process of interviews and home checks before making a final decision on which home will best meet the needs and care for the individual Italian Greyhound.

Once we place an Italian Greyhound  into an adoptive home we keep in touch with the adoptive home for the dog’s lifetime to check on the well-being of the dog as well as to provide ongoing support and advice to the adoptive home.

We are also happy to stay in touch with the original owner of the dog and provide them with updates so that they know how their dog is doing, and so that they can be confident that their dog is receiving the care that they deserve.

If you think you may need to place your Italian Greyhound into adoptive care, or have already decided to place your dog into adoptive care, please contact our rescue team who will be handle your enquiry sensitively and in the strictest of confidence.

E: info@italiangreyhoundrescuecharity.org.uk

T: Helen – 01539 448057

T: 07970 486461 (Emergency Number)