Photographic IG Show


tug (1024x768)


We will be having a photographic dog show as well as a ‘live’ dog show. So if you can’t attend the Garden Party your IG’s can still take part.

Classes are:
1. IG Puppies
2. Humorous IG’s
3. IG’s & Friends
4. IG’s Relaxing

Please send your photograph(s) along with £1 per photographic entry. (Cheques made payable to IG Rescue)
Clearly mark the back of the photo with your name and contact details and the class number(s) you wish to enter.
Please send to:

IG Rescue Charity: Mrs Denise Brown
148 Oxhey Avenue
Watford, Herts
WD19 4HA

by 15 June 2014    Photographs will only be returned if a SAE is enclosed.