Helen Rishworth

Helen-Rishworth Helen R is Trustee Secretary, she has been involved with dogs all her life. When she was growing up, she was in the puppy pen and the dogs running around!

‘At home, we have “all three sizes” with my two Italian Greyhounds being joined by the Whippets and the Greyhound and then, for good measure, we have two naughty but very delightful Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds. It is safe to say, there is never is dull moment in our household!’

Helen has been showing dogs since the age of five and has had IGs for about fifteen years. Having been involved in showing from a young age, she has competed in junior handling competitions through the ranks winning several notable finals over the years. She had the pleasure of handling and owning IGs in the Artmeis and Rilloby partnerships and enjoyed success both here in the UK and overseas with Champions titled at home and further afield.

Since Helen’s first IG, Sean, she has been in love with the breed. ‘They are such characters, each and every one, and they steal your heart from the moment they enter your lives. Italian Greyhounds are not a breed for the faint hearted and, living with Whippets and Greyhounds as well, I can assure you the little IGs are the ones who make you work the most – don’t be deceived by their smaller stature, IGs are a sighthound at heart!

In return for the way that this beautiful breed has enriched my life, I would like to offer my assistance through the IGRC to help those IGs who require the Charity’s help in finding them the right home for life. Furthermore, I would like to help advise those who are genuinely interested in the breed to ensure that prospective IG owners are not lured in by puppy farmers and their unscrupulous breeding practices.’