Essential Kit!

While Italian Greyhounds are small and low-maintenance in the grooming stakes, they’re high maintenance in almost all other respects!

Here’s a handy list of the essential kit that you will need for your Italian Greyhound.

  • Water Bowl
  • Raised Feeding Bowl
  • A complete food – dry / wet / raw or freeze-dried
  • Dog Treats
  • A soft Dog Bed
  • A soft Dog Blanket
  • Dog Crate (preferably a plastic Vari-Kennel style) with  a suitable mattress inside  – the safest way to travel your Italian Greyhound in a car
  • Pet Insurance Policy – check the clauses relating to orthopedic surgery in particular!
  • A Vet – register asap even if there is nothing wrong with your dog!
  • ID Tag (engraved with your name, address & mobile phone number)
  • Sighthound Collar or Harness
  • Dog Lead
  • Poop bags – either recycle plastic carrier bags or value nappy sacks work well and are generally economical
  • Waterproof Rain Coat
  • Fleece Jumper / Body Warmer for cold weather (ideally this should fit under the Rain Coat)
  • Toys
  • Canine nail clippers
  • Small Canine Toothbrush or Child’s Toothbrush
  • Canine Toothpaste